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WS20: Rocking an Interview

7 hours

This course prepares participants for real-life interviews beyond acquiring head knowledge of the standard tips and tricks. Participants will learn the mindset and skills to tackle tricky interview questions that are common in most interviews. Gone are the days where your greatest strength is ‘Being passionate’ and your greatest weakness is ‘Stubbornness’. We help participants to get ahead by learning the secret fundamentals behind successful interview techniques, building confidence with practice, and earning the trust of your interviewers.


  • How to conduct research and prepare for an interview

  • Dos and don’ts in an interview

  • What do employers look for?

  • Leaving a lasting positive impression

  • How to answer questions with impact

  • How to ace different interview formats

  • How to sell yourself

  • Negotiating the terms of employment

  • Using body language to your advantage

  • Hands-on practice activities


Price is customised to your needs

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