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WS10: Step-by-step Digital Transformation

7 to 14 hours

Dive into the secrets of effective digital solutioning that seamlessly harmonise the efficiency of technological wizardry with human desires and needs, paving the way for more market-relevant and consumer-driven digital products and services. 


What are your priorities for digital technology?

  • Is digital transformation the means to an end, or the ultimate goal of your organisation? Define your purpose clearlyTools covered: Bigger Picture and Challenge Statement.

  • What digital technology is doing well (or can't do) to enhance your business and operationsTools covered: FRESH™ and Root Causes.

How do you multiply and amplify the practical benefits of digital technology?

  • Quick fixes for digital technology gaps with two simple tips.

  • Get staff excited and serious about digital technologyTools covered: GRASP™ Solutioning Tools

  • Design an awesome digital technology Master PlanTools covered: Journey Map, Methods of Verification, Prototype and Feedback Matrix.


7 hours: SGD4500

14 hours: SGD5900

Maximum 25 pax

Additional charges may apply if customisation of content is required.


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Only applicable to past participants of GRASP Guru courses

When you refer someone new to our workshop, and he registers for it, you earn a referral gift worth 5% of the workshop price charged to him.

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