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WS07: Design Thinking for Practical Innovation

7 hours

This course cuts to the chase and offers a comprehensive overview of what design thinking is, why it's an essential tool for personal and business use, and how to apply it.


  • Background on Design Thinking

  • It's about the people:

    • What do we focus on?

    • What tools can we use to discover this information? Tools covered: Methods of Verification

    • What are the personas? Tool covered: Persona Map.

    • How do we capture and represent the experience? Tools covered: Journey Map / Journey Blueprint. 

  • Defining the real issue:

    • Which issue should we focus on? Tool covered: Priority Matrix (Issues).

    • How to find out the real issue? Tool covered: Ask Why. 

  • What is the problem statement? Tool covered: Problem Statement Formula. 

  • Generating creative ideas:

    • The ideation mindset.

    • Ideation warm-ups.

    • How to come up with many ideas? Tool covered: Idea Rubik.

    • How to prioritise ideas? Tools covered: HOW-NOW-WOW Grid & Priority Matrix (Ideas).

  • Representing your winning idea:

    • Why prototype?

    • What makes a good prototype?

    • What forms can we consider? Tool covered: Prototype Form Guide.

    • How do we collate feedback? Tool covered: Prototype Review. 

  • Conclusion and Summary



Maximum 25 pax


Additional charges may apply if customisation of content is required.


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