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What is GRASP ?

  • GRASP is a revolutionary 3-in-1 ENHANCED DESIGN THINKING TECHNIQUE that incorporates Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing principles into one holistic solutioning framework.

  • It is an acronym for the five stages namely Ground sensing, Root cause, Authorities, Solutions and Prototype.

  • Thousands of users have applied GRASP successfully to overcome Personal, Family, Business, Community and Government issues.

  • Click below to find out how innovation frameworks and tools are applied and embedded within the GRASP process.

How GRASP can help you

  • It solves problems.

  • It improves situations (i.e. things are currently fine, but you are not satisfied with the status quo).

  • It invents new products, services and processes.

Why GRASP works better than conventional design thinking

It delivers solutions that:

  • Are More Holistic = Reaps the benefits of Design Thinking, Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing in a single package. Multiplies your effectiveness.

  • Eliminate Persistent Issues at the Core = Deals directly with the root causes to help you secure enduring successes.

  • Are Resource-smart and Cost-effective = Teaches you when and how to get management's and stakeholders' buy-in early. Saves you time and money.

  • Make People Go "WOW" = Reveals the secrets and tips of generating fresh (sometimes radical) ideas for establishing new personal breakthroughs and market leadership.

  • Are Faster and More Nimble = Tells you exactly where you can cut time-wasting activities to achieve the results you need more quickly.

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