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WS05: Generate Numerous Ideas Easily

7 hours

Master the full suite of GRASP's versatile universal ideation tools which can empower you to deliver quality ideas in vast quantities. Associate, Combine, Substitute and Morph your way to more exciting yet practical solutions to help your organisation achieve breakthroughs in innovation.


  • Appreciate the importance and value of creative thinking applied to work and personal issues.

  • Cultivate a mindset attuned to out-of-the-box thinking for serious problem solving and innovation.

  • Learn the essential ideation principles of Association, Combination, Substitution and Morphing through engaging interactive activities.

  • Experiment with myriad ideation stimulants and tools such as acting, drawing, building, collaborating and solving in a fun competitive game setting.



Maximum 30 pax

Cost excludes stationery, logistics, AV equipment and refreshments.

Additional charges may apply if customisation of content is required.


Attended another GRASP Guru course previously?

Sign up for this course and enjoy a 5% discount off the workshop price.


Only applicable to past participants of GRASP Guru courses

When you refer someone new to our workshop, and he registers for it, you earn a referral gift worth 5% of the workshop price charged to him.

Please remind him to quote your name, mobile number and email when registering for the workshop.

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