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WS05: Generate Numerous Ideas Easily

0.5 day

Master the full suite of GRASP's versatile universal ideation tools which can empower you to deliver quality ideas in vast quantities. 


  • Ideation cheats revealed through two simple tips.

  • Preparation is keyTools covered: Basic Components, System Flow, Mind Detox, Expert Lens, Set 'Em Up, Ideation Warm-ups and MASY.

  • Fundamentals of creativity. Tool covered: SCAMPER.

  • All the creativity techniques you'll ever needTools covered: First Impressions, Crowdsource, Idea Rubiks, Morphological Matrix, Implosion and HOW-NOW-WOW Grid.


Participants who complete the workshop will be awarded a digital Certificate of Participation for Generate Numerous Ideas Easily with GRASP™ Enhanced Design Thinking.


FREE templates and innovation resources


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4 - 7 pax = SGD100/pax

Below 4 pax = SGD117/pax


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