GRASP is a proven design thinking methodology

Examples of successful GRASP projects

First Aider Marker

Runners do get hurt during a marathon. Sometimes the response of the event medic is delayed due to logistical constraints. This delay could be deadly, especially for cardio arrest cases. GRASP was used to define the problem clearly and accurately identify the root cause of the delay. As a result, the First Aider Marker was conceived to ensure injured marathoners receive medical aid promptly. 

Sunday Times, 10 Sep 2017

Straits times article on Yellow Ribbon

Terror Attack Simulator

Many nations prepare their soldiers for conventional warfare by subjecting them to intensive military training. The aim is to immerse these soldiers in a realistic wartime scenario to condition their mental states and responses. However for the war on terror, members of public are not given similar training. Yet today, the threat of terrorist attacks is much higher compared to conventional wars. GRASP was used to brainstorm and prioritise creative ways for the public to be more prepared when real terrorist attacks occur. The idea of an immersive training simulator was conceptualised.

Digital Transformation

Supporting the nation's push for Digital Transformation, the GRASP process was responsible for shaping and generating close to 40 unique digital initiatives across multiple agencies and professional functions.