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Successful Projects

First Aider Marker

Runners do get hurt during a marathon. Sometimes the response of the event medic is delayed due to logistical constraints. This delay could be deadly, especially for cardio arrest cases. GRASP was used to define the problem clearly and accurately identify the root cause of the delay. As a result, the First Aider Marker was conceived to ensure injured marathoners receive medical aid promptly. 

Sunday Times, 10 Sep 2017

Straits times article on Yellow Ribbon

New Business Creation

Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a marketing organisation which was created in 1975 with the vision to develop the global platinum jewellery market as a new demand source for platinum. Since then, jewellery development has demonstrated a strong track record in delivering results, and platinum jewellery has contributed over 80 million ounces of demand. PGI used GRASP to help them achieve their multi-year goals in marketing and innovation. GRASP successfully guided them in reimagining their jewellery business in the supplier, retail and consumer spaces.
Innovation tools from design thinking, lean and behavioural insight were employed to research the causes of disruptions to the industry, glean deeper insights into the situation, and mitigate disruptions through co-creating unique solutions for the platinum jewellery industry.
As a result, a total of 11 exciting new products, services, processes and policies were conceptualised by PGI for trial and further development, with a view to eventual implementation.

Pui P Hoon.jfif

"We had the pleasure of engaging Joel and his team of mentors at our recent series of innovation workshops. I was particularly impressed by his agility in weaving our internal tools and practices into the GRASP program, his patience in handling our many concerns, and willingness to conduct the workshops primarily in Mandarin! At the completion of the series of workshops, we certainly walked away with a much stronger innovation mindset and useful tools for current and future projects. I would certainly recommend Joel and his team to anyone hoping to gain the same for their teams."

~ Pui P. Hoon, Managing Director (China), Platinum Guild International

PGI Strategy.png

Reimagine Manufacturing

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is the largest national organisation representing the interests of manufacturing and manufacturing-related industries since 1932.
There was an urgent need to digitally transform manufacturing SMEs to revolutionise their production, packaging and logistics processes, so as to keep up with new consumer demands brought about by e-commerce and automation.
We helped the SMEs to identify who their high-value clients were, explored their current day processes in detail, reimagined where and how technology and automation could feature strongly in their business, and facilitated their rapid prototyping process to trial some of these ideas.
The programme successfully saw up to 20 companies launching new projects that strengthened their supply and value chains to their customers.

Reimagine Manufacturing Journey Blueprint.png

Digital Smart Nation

Supporting the nation's push for Digital Transformation, the GRASP process was responsible for shaping and generating close to 40 unique digital initiatives across multiple agencies and professional functions.

Design thinking to generate ideas

Terror Attack VR Simulator

Many nations prepare their soldiers for conventional warfare by subjecting them to intensive military training. The aim is to immerse these soldiers in a realistic wartime scenario to condition their mental states and responses. However for the war on terror, members of public are not given similar training. Yet today, the threat of terrorist attacks is much higher compared to conventional wars. GRASP was used to brainstorm and prioritise creative ways for the public to be more prepared when real terrorist attacks occur. The idea of an immersive training simulator was conceptualised.

simulator using design thinking.jpg
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