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Design Thinking Espresso
Revolutionary approach to experiencing an introduction to Design Thinking


A workshop with quick-fire interactive micro-activities that impart Design Thinking fundamentals in four immersive segments.​

Introducing Design Thinking Espresso!  A revolutionary approach to experiencing Design Thinking through a series of quick-fire interactive activities that teach Design Thinking fundamentals.  Fully interactive, fully fun!


Common feedback on the limitations of traditional Design Thinking workshops include I can't afford to be away from work for two or three days, I just need to know the key points, I'm more comfortable with digital interfaces etc. DETES alleviates these pain points experienced by workshop participants.

DETES provides a basic understanding of Design Thinking and ensures participants are sufficiently equipped with key Design Thinking skills and tools for real-world application.


4 hours

  • Shorter duration ensures participants would have time leftover to catch up on work.

  • Keeps participants meaningfully engaged throughout the course.


Comprises four concentrated 'espresso shots' of Design Thinking concepts (theory plus hands-on), with each shot lasting between 45 to 60 minutes and facilitated with interactive activities that simulate real life scenarios.

  • 'Espresso shots' will cover only the core concepts essential to understanding Design Thinking, minus the frills and with greater clarity in concept delivery.

  • Participants will get to apply Design Thinking on familiar real-life scenarios. The exercises are tailored to help them understand how to apply the concepts in practical ways.

  • 'Espresso shots' may be split up into four separate micro-learning modules and conducted on different days and time slots to sync with participants' work schedules.



Maximum 25 pax

Additional charges may apply if customisation of content is required.


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Only applicable to past participants of GRASP Guru courses

When you refer someone new to our workshop, and he registers for it, you earn a referral gift worth 5% of the workshop price charged to him.

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