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WS02: Build an Excellent Innovation Culture

1 day

This workshop reveals behind-the-scene strategies and deep-dive insights on how successful organisations, schools and industries effectively plan, structure, drive and grow their innovation culture through the GRASP methodology.


Participants who complete the workshop will be awarded a digital Certificate of Accomplishment for Build an Excellent Innovation Culture with GRASP™ Enhanced Design Thinking.


A 116-page, full-colour GRASP practitioner's guide packed with bite-sized illustrations and reusable templates. An indispensable cheatbook for innovative solutioning.


Define the innovation culture

  • Imagine the desired state and diagnose the current stateTool learnt: FRAUD.

  • Is the desired state worth itTool learnt: Broader Reason.

  • Frame the current stateTools learnt: Basic Components, System Flow and Reverse Brainstorm.

  • Identify the obstacles to desired state. Tools learnt: Methods of Verification.

  • Identify the root causesTool learnt: Asking Why or What Caused It?

  • Set the mission statementTool learnt: Mission Statement Setting.

  • Secure authorities' support on two pivotal fronts.

How to achieve the mission ?

  • Define the mission approach and structureTools learnt: GRASP Innovation Framework and 5P's.

  • Get immediate answers. Tools learnt: Adaptation.

  • Prepare for ideation. Tools learnt: Basic Components and System Flow. 

  • IdeateTools learnt: MASY, First Impressions, Crowdsource, Idea Rubiks, Morphological Matrix and Implosion. 

  • Identify the top ideasTools learnt: HOW-NOW-WOW grid and Priority Scoring.

  • TrialTool learnt: DICEE (by Guy Kawasaki).

  • Communicate with members.  Tools learnt: Simple communication techniques. 

  • Test and get feedbackTool learnt: Feedback Matrix.


  • FREE follow-up enhanced design thinking consultancy service worth SGD1,000 to work with you on a real issue you're facing (valid for one month after workshop completion).

  • FREE templates and innovation resources.


8 pax & above = SGD167/pax *

(10% off total workshop price for 10pax & above)

4 - 7 pax = SGD200/pax

Below 4 pax = SGD233/pax

* In comparison, a typical 3-day Organisational Strategy course in Singapore costs up to SGD2,100/pax. A 5-day Strategic Innovation course at tertiary institutions costs SGD6,000/pax. We save you money by cutting out the frills like content space-fillers (e.g. motherhood statements, theories and quotes), venue rental, refreshments and logistics. This way, you get instant guarantee that you're only paying for premium access to GRASP content.


Attended another GRASP Guru course previously?

Sign up for this course and enjoy a 5% discount off the workshop price.


Only applicable to past participants of GRASP Guru courses

When you refer someone new to our workshop, and he registers for it, you earn a referral gift worth 5% of the workshop price charged to him.

Please remind him to quote your name, mobile number and email when registering for the workshop.

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