We use GRASP™ Enhanced Design Thinking to help organisations

1. Delight Clients

2. Solve Problems Creatively

3. Develop Blue Oceans

GRASP™ Enhanced Design Thinking incorporating Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing

GRASP is a revolutionary 3-in-1 ENHANCED DESIGN THINKING TECHNIQUE that incorporates Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing principles into one holistic solutioning framework.  It is an acronym for the five stages namely Ground sensing, Root cause, Authorities, Solutions and Prototype.  Thousands of users have applied GRASP successfully to overcome Personal, Family, Business, Community and Government issues.

Our Offerings

Selected Past Clients

Principal Trainer

GRASP is developed by our Principal Trainer, Joel Alexander Ng, who specialises in design thinking and innovation. He has more than 12 years of experience in establishing innovation frameworks and strategies, driving people culture, and leading change programmes. 

Group Discount for Workshops

Register a min. of 10 pax in one class to enjoy 10% off the total workshop price

Attractive Referral Gift

Only applicable to past participants of GRASP Guru courses.

When you refer someone new to our workshop, and he registers for it, you earn a referral gift worth 5% of the workshop price charged to him

Please remind him to quote your name, mobile number and email when registering for the workshop

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