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"GRASP contains all the basic information on developing innovative ideas.  Innovation as simple as 123!"

Richard Soh, Head Investigation, Integrated Fraud Management,

United Overseas Bank

Design thinking workshop singapore

Online Workshop


Introducing Design Thinking Espresso!  A revolutionary digital approach to experiencing Design Thinking through a series of quick-fire interactive activities that teach Design Thinking fundamentals.  Fully online, fully interactive, fully fun!

Duration: 0.5 day

Price: SGD200/pax

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Flagship Programmes


GRASP is the heartbeat of innovation at both the strategic and operational levels. Master the approach and tools that will unlock doors and demolish roadblocks to a more dynamic and highly catalysed innovation culture. Our flagship programmes are specially tailored for serious learners who are keen to be equipped with the fundamentals of enhanced design thinking techniques and strategies for starting and nurturing a thriving innovation culture.

Duration: 3 days

Price: from SGD500

Flagship program in enhanced design thinking and practical innovation

Duration: 1 day

Price: from SGD167

Flagship program in building innovation culture

Expert series


Curated workshops on today's most influential topics in business and community, teaching you how to harness the full potential of these platforms using enhanced design thinking. This season is focused on three key areas that drive and shape every organised community - Human Resource, Digital Technology and Social Cohesion. The workshops will focus on Smart Hiring, a perennial thorn in flesh for HR professionals; User-centric Digital Technology, the engine room for continuous and effective organisational transformation; and finally Social Work Tools that augment social caregivers and expose the blindspots which hinder positive progressive community change efforts.

Duration: 0.5 day

Price: from SGD84

Quick GRASP series


Bite-sized courses for busy people. They take lesser time to complete, with each module dedicated to a core subject matter integral to innovation and design thinking practice. The courses are packed with rich contents that deliver deep impact in myriad aspects of the learner's life. 

Duration: 0.5 day

Price: from SGD84

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